About Icarus Publishing Enterprise Considering that 50% of all books in translation worldwide are from English while only 6% are translated into English, Odin Teatret (Denmark), The Grotowski Institute (Poland), and Theatre Arts Researching the Foundations (Malta) have created Icarus Publishing Enterprise whose purpose is to present English translations of texts by artists and scholars about the practice and vision of theatre as a laboratory.

Icarus was the name of a schooner that in 1697 sailed from Civitavecchia with a cargo destined for a Venetian merchant residing in the international trading port of Smyrna. Its mythological name was intended, paradoxically, as a bringer of good luck to ward off shipwrecks. In its hold, the small vessel also carried a luxurious curtain never used before, a few painted scenes, and a number of scripts and musical scores from a theatre erected in Rome by Queen Cristina of Sweden and torn down on the order of Pope Clement X.

Similarly to that schooner, Icarus Publishing Enterprise wants to ferry into international waters the writings of theatre artists and scholars who, despite their value, risk a limited circulation because of the language in which they were written.

We know from experience that theatre studies is effective only if it succeeds in piercing the wrappings of academic common places and inspires those wishing to make theatre. In addition to providing knowledge about the past, the books that Icarus Publishing Enterprise will translate and publish, contain the hidden seeds of future occurrences. Many think that the theatre has no future. This may be so. But one thing is certain: in the future there will surely be something that we are unable to imagine now, but that will be called theatre.

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An agreement has been reached between Icarus Publishing Enterprise and the publishing houses ARTEZBLAI in Bilbao (Spain) (artez@artezblai.com) and È REALIZAÇOIS (edsonfilho@erealizacoes.com.br) in São Paulo (Brazil) which, from 2011, has published Icarus books in Spanish and Portuguese. Further information can be obtained directly from Artezblai and È Realizações.

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From September 2012 Icarus Publishing Enterprise (IPE) has a new partner.

Routledge - an imprint of the Taylor and Francis Group - will be the fourth collaborator in a joint publication venture for a series of books dedicated to 'Theatre as a Laboratory'. Under this partnership agreement, which was reached after negotiations that began in 2010, Routledge will co-publish and distribute an Icarus Series on Theatre as a Laboratory under the editorial direction of Eugenio Barba, Frank Camilleri and Dariusz Kosinski from IPE.

The Routledge Icarus Series of 'Theatre as a Laboratory' will continue to focus on books involving technical and theoretical questions and contradictions from a laboratory perspective. Forthcoming publications include Franco Ruffini's Theatre and Boxing. The Actor Who Flies and Zbigniew Osiñski's Jerzy Grotowski's Journeys to the East. Other future titles comprise Eugenio Barba's The Moon which Rises from the Ganges. Asian Dialogues on the Actor's Technique, Katarzyna Osiñska's Russian Theatre Studios and Laboratories in the Twentieth Century, and Mirella Schino's The Laboratory of Theatre Anthropology.

Odin Teatret, Denmark
The Grotowski Institute, Poland
Theatre Arts Researching the Foundations, Malta